للحصول على الكود 

In the past 2 years, Elon’s become the world’s richest man, sent individuals to space, incontestable  the Boring tunnel in action, declared a sentient Tesla Robot, given his son a reputation that’s safer than my Gmail password, shifted Tesla’s headquarters to Texas, bought a dog to control cryptocurrency values, and spent most of his time awake being a Twitter troll. He’s additionally oversubscribed Tesla-branded tequila, and a lot of recently, a Cybertruck-shaped whistle that’s unsurprisingly referred to as the “Cyberwhistle”. In short, he’s done everything except really sell new cars.

In my article back in might this year, I mentioned however Tesla’s not discharged one new automotive (although they’ve declared a bunch) within the past 2 years. Elon even explicit  in 2015 that there would be absolutely self-driving cars (with level four autonomy) on the road by 2018, therefore the Cyberwhistle at now very appears like everything’s an enormous joke. There’s absolutely little question Elon’s a visionary. However, a visionary who keeps creating guarantees and claims that will generally take decades to deliver (if at all) is nothing over a bullshitter… or during this case, as Benedict Evans thus learnedly puts it, “A bullshitter who delivers”. Dare I say that if Theranos had 10-20 years to deliver on a technology they untimely promised, there wouldn’t be any distinction between Elon and Elizabeth Holmes. Elon saying a Tesla golem arguably twenty years early on borders on identical form of charlatanism.

the rationale why Elon’s announcement of the Cyberwhistle very grinds my gears (no pun intended) is that it portrays him as a artful CEO who isn’t even remotely defensive for the truck’s major delays. In fact, it’s as if Elon is taunting the those who pre-ordered the Cybertruck in 2019, expecting it in late 2020, solely to search out that it’s nearly 2022 and also the truck’s obscurity in sight. Designed and marketed heretofore another one in every of Elon’s several trolls (this time thrust fun at Apple’s $20 cloth), the whistle’s formed just like the truck, comes made up of untainted steel, with identical brushed end as seen on the first truck. Once Elon tweeted regarding it, the whistle was oversubscribed get into minutes, reinforcing Elon’s cult of temperament which his Twitter account ought to very be regulated before he crosses a line like the time he referred to as a sea rescue diver a ‘pedo’, however a lot of importantly, professionalving that Elon’s AN absolute pro at commerce much something from whistles to dreams… anything except actual cars.

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