My Galaxy S22 wishlist: 5 upgrades I want to see from Samsung next year

Samsung' Galaxy S22 might be returning soon, and that i have a number of options i need to see.

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The Galaxy S21 affected North American country with its pro-level camera, spirited screen and speedy processor. however currently that the smartphone is sort of a year old, what is going to Samsung' reported Galaxy S22 have in store? The Galaxy S22, that might arrive throughout a Gregorian calendar month Unpacked event , is alleged to sport a 200-megapixel image device and a smaller display, among alternative features.  (Check out however the Galaxy S22 could gather against the Galaxy S21 and also the Galaxy S21 FE.) As a tightened school addict, I even have my very own list of options I'd prefer to see in Samsung' approaching phone.

We've already had the launch of the Apple iPhone thirteen and Google' constituent 6. Those phones may perhaps influence Samsung' plans for its own phones. Expect to ascertain this text updated because the months progress, and keep an eye fixed on CNET' current rumor roundup for the most recent on the Galaxy S22 series and also the Galaxy S21 FE. 

1. Galaxy S22 desires a far better camera

The camera on the S21 extremist is superb, with associate degree awing optical zoom that helps you to get shots that few phones will compare to. however it wasn't an enormous upgrade over the S20. each had 100x zooms, both did 8K video, both had 108-megapixel devices. The S20 extremist was the massive leap forward, the S21 extremist simply refined it slightly. It' time then for an even bigger update, thereforeme|and a few} early rumors recommend a 200-megapixel sensor and much-improved zoom systems on the S22 Ultra.

that will be lovely, but additional megapixels doesn't essentially mean higher photos, so I'd conjointly prefer to see a good bigger image sensor -- perhaps a 1-inch device. It' no secret that an even bigger image sensor permits for higher dynamic target a photo. If Samsung paired that resolution with an enormous sensor capable of capturing plenty of lightweight associate degreed distinction details it might have an fully astonishing camera system on its hands. 

however Samsung has to confirm its software package is on purpose too. There are additional advances required to permit for improved process photography and better raw image capture. Apple' ProRaw has blown Pine Tree State away: It will capture stunning HDR pictures that also provide me full control over written material in apps like Adobe Lightroom, even as i'd with any raw file from a DSLR. Samsung' software package isn't quite at that level and I'd prefer to see additional focus here.

2. Samsung, please provide North American country expandable storage back

Samsung wont to permit you to expand the bottom storage of its phones with microSD cards, however it removed that choice with the S21 range. this suggests you're cursed with solely the phone' inbuilt storage. 

which may not be a difficulty on lower models within the range, notably if you don't shoot heaps of video or play several tightened games, however if you're into your photos and videos and you plumped for the extremist model, that base storage are often limiting. If you shoot 8K videos on the S21 extremist you'll understand that you simply will refill that storage quickly -- and it'll go even quicker if Samsung brings 200-megapixel photos to the S22. I can't even begin to imagine however massive those files would possibly be. The 512GB most storage presently offered on the S21 extremist won't last long.

albeit you're not into photography, there are lots of shiny games on the Google Play store (such as Asphalt 9: Legends) that are multiple gigabytes in size and will end in you having to delete alternative apps or media so as to form room.

sound in an exceedingly microSD card would permit you to dramatically increase the storage by 1TB or more, which might provides a large quantity of house for all of your apps and videos. on the other hand Samsung wouldn't be able to charge you additional for a higher-capacity model, therefore don't cross your fingers for this one. 

3. The Galaxy S22 ought to have dedicated AMD graphics

The S21 series already offers very good performance all-round, however a partnership between Samsung and graphics chip manufacturer AMD has us hoping for an enormous revolution in graphics power for diversion applications. This partnership really happened back in 2019, but up to now Samsung hasn't stuffed any reasonably AMD hardware into its phones. 

I'd like to see dedicated AMD graphics on the S22 line that pushes the boundaries of what we tend to expect from mobile gaming. Sure, some games already equated to rivalling quality you'd expect on older consoles, however if Samsung and AMD might give that process power an enormous push forward, it could leave heaps additional console-standard games to form their thanks to phones, turning your phone into a capable mobile games console.

4. i need a smaller Galaxy phone

Today' top-end phones with the simplest specs around are, let' face it, huge. The S21 extremist measures a thumping 6.8 inches, whereas even Apple' iPhone twelve professional liquid ecstasy comes in at 6.68 inches. which means that if you would like the best performance and also the best camera, you've have to be compelled to be prepared to stretch out those jeans pockets to accommodate a huge block of a phone. and perhaps begin performing some} thumb exercises to assist stretch them across the screen.

I'd like to see smaller versions -- vi inches or beneath -- that don't force you to compromise on performance. There are rumors suggesting the bottom S22 models would possibly get a little reduction in screen size, that is nice news if you've got smaller hands, however there' unlikely to be any real size reduction within the top-end extremist model. therefore all over again we'll seemingly be in an exceedingly state of affairs where shopping for a smaller phone size means that missing out on those top-end features. Excuse Pine Tree State whereas i am going and stitch growth panels into my pockets. 

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